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Genre Fiction

Pages 264

Original title Marinetti amore mio

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It was love at first sight between the inventor of Futurism, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, and the young painter Benedetta Cappa. In Rome, in the atelier of Giacomo Balla – a sort of laboratory for the intellectuals of their time – Benedetta meets Marinetti for the first time. Fresh out of Paris, he has just published the scandalous Futurist Manifesto in ‘Le Figaro’, proclaiming – among other things – his intention to “kill the moonlight”, and all sentimentality with it. Despite such ambitious proposals, Marinetti falls for the young painter, and soon the two move in together, defying the rules of bourgeois respectability.
As the Roaring Twenties commence, the couple will travel to stays Rome and Milan, Paris and Egypt. As an artist and the wife of Marinetti, Benedetta frequents poets and painters, from D'Annunzio to Apollinaire, De Chirico to Boccioni. No less brilliant are her own friends, from artist Edita Broglio to the Jewish art critic Margherita Sarfatti, who was none other than Mussolini's mistress at the time, and writer Anna Banti. Despite the difficulties, Benedetta is able to express as an artist and as a mother, as a wife and mistress, rising to the role of Queen of the futurist movement.
The love between Benedetta and Marinetti will endure until the very end. Together, they will witness lights and shadows of the fascist period.

Simona Weller lives between Rome and the the medieval town of Calcata (Viterbo). One of the most successful writers and painters of her generation, she is not new to the task of reconstructing the life of a great artist. Her first successful novel (more than 15.000 copies sold, translated in Austria, Switzerland and Germany) was Portrait of Angelica (Ritratto di Angelica, 1998), inspired by the life of Angelika Kauffman. Her second novel - in two volumes, A rose in the heart (Una rosa nel cuore, 2000) and Suzanne (2002) - traces the life of Suzanne Valadon. The third, Marinetti, my love (Marinetti amore mio, 2015), dedicated to Benedetta Cappa, completes the trilogy. Her other novels are The quagmire of the Devil (Il pantano del Diavolo, 1994), Memoirs of a respectable painter (Memorie di una pittrice perbene, 2004) and Nothing happens by accident (Niente accade per caso, 2008).

How the inventor of Futurism and Young painter Benedetta Cappa fell in love at first sight. A love which lasted for a lifetime. Despite her husband's Filippo Tommaso Marinetti's explosive personality, Benedetta led a fulfilled live as an artist, a mother, and lover.
Il marlin, da cui la casa editrice prende il nome, ├Ę il pescespada che Hemingway amava pescare
al largo di Cuba e che gli ha ispirato lo splendido romanzo “Il vecchio e il mare”

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